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Jackfruit: A Global Feast

Food begins in the heart. Nostalgia, memories, evocative smells, and tastes always resonate deep inside. We create cooking stories surrounded by loved ones, happy music, and laughter as our creations take hold, or we crave solace in the simplicity of the haunting homeliness that is whipping up an indulgent treat for one and snuggling into the sofa after a long day.

So, why Jackfruit? A question I’ve been asked countless times since embarking on writing this book. I guess the answer is multifaceted. The impetus was purely because I was sick and tired of people saying ‘Jackfruit, that’s Vegan Pulled Pork isn’t it?’ Having used this versatile ingredient for years and understanding its social and economical importance to so many cultures, I just felt that no one had yet given it the time and dedication it deserves here in the West.

This book delves into the world of Jackfruit and how it can be turned into divine savoury treats all the way to sweet treats