Cherry Bakewell Sour

Discombobulated, such strange word, both in its sound and use. I am yet to hear someone say they feel ‘combobulated?’

Anyway, this cocktail was born from one of those moments. I couldn’t grip why my work wasn’t just flowing. In those times I seek inspiration to fuel my own creative drive. I have been fascinated by Rachel Korinek’s New York Sour, it’s just so beautiful. But the flavours just aren’t for me.

So, I made this, it’s everything I need in a drink, basically pie….

So, make it and think of Mr Kipling Days gone by.


50ml Amaretto

40ml Lemon Juice

10ml Sugar Syrup

30ml Cherryade

Maraschino Cherries to Garnish


1. Add the amaretto, lemon juice and sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker with some ice. Shake vigorously.

2. Add a large ice cube to a glass and strain the mixture over.

3. Invert a teaspoon over the ice cube and slowly float the cherryade on top.

4. Garnish with some cherries and serve.