Doe's Sparkle

Move aside Buck’s Fizz, there is a new Doe- Eyed lady in town. All the flavour of a Bucks Fizz, with a crisp kick, there is no messing with this girl.

Take the holiday season to the next level with this delight of a recipe. For the syrup, simply add 200g Sugar and 300g water to a pan with 3 sliced clementines and bubble for 5-8 minutes or until sticky and reduced. Strain and allow to cool before popping in the fridge.


25ml Cognac Rum, I used Spytail Rum, but you can mix cognac and rum if needed

20ml Clementine Syrup

Champagne to top up.

1. Fill a chilled champagne flute or coupe 2/3 full with champagne then add the cognac and the syrup. Serve straight up. Fluttering your eyelids over the glass is entirely optional….