Elderflower Negroni Sbagliato

Negroni, for me, it’s a drink for a cold winter’s evening. Nestled in some corner, the faint light casting an ombre shadow across the twill of your blanket. The bitter orange notes creeping down your throat like some bittersweet velvet.

But this elixir is a versatile soul, willing to pop on that bikini and strut its sexy stuff on a summer’s day. Negroni Sbagliato, the more sophisticated cousin of the ubiquitous Aperol Spritz (which also has its place, don’t get me wrong)

Throw a dash of floral elderflower against that bitter cherry, clove note of Campari and its divine, top it with prosecco and well, the rest is a sweet hazy of beautiful history……


10ml Elderflower Cordial, homemade is best

25ml Campari

25ml Sweet Vermouth

25ml Prosecco

Sliced Orange & Ice to serve


1. Add the cordial, Campari and vermouth to a glass and stir.

2. Top with ice and the prosecco, stir again and serve garnished with sliced orange.