Gold & Frankincense White Mulled Wine

Believe it or not, I am not a red wine drinker. You see, for me, unless it’s a specifically hot drink, they need to be super cold. I like my drinks fresh and crisp.

So, in the summer, Sangria takes on a paler guise and, in the Winter, mulled wine gets the same treatment, only this time it comes in its finest adornment, fit for a King some might say.

This one is for special occasions, to be sipped and allow the melody of exquisite essence wash over you.


750ml Crémant, preferably Alsace

200ml White Port

200ml White Grape Juice

10ml Ginger Cordial

1 tsp Oolong Tea leaves

5 Drops Frankincense

Gold Flakes to serve


1. Add the port and the grape juice to a jug and add the tea leaves. Allow to infuse for 1 hour (you do not need to warm this; you are looking for a gentle aroma).

2. Strain out the tea and add the ginger cordial and Frankincense.

3. Divide the mixture between 6 Glasses and add a few edible gold flakes to each. Top up with Crémant and serve immediately.