Hibicus & Watermelon Pimms Slushie

Just like a Snowflake on a river, this lands in your mouth and is gone in an instant, only to leave its lingering aroma of summer on your palate.

So many things in life are fleeting, but that just means we need to relish them all the more. Joy is precious, nurture it.


500g Watermelon, cut into chunks

200ml Pimm’s

1 tbsp Hibiscus Powder

Small Handful Ice

Soda Water, Berries, Cucumber & Mint to serve


1. The day before you want to serve, freeze the watermelon chunks.

2. The next day, add the Frozen Melon, Hibiscus Powder, Pimm’s and a small handful of ice to a blender with a few fresh berries.

3. Blend to a slush consistency and divide between 4 glasses. Top with soda (if liked) and serve with ALL the garnishes…