Lemongrass French Twist

With Summer fast approaching, here at Gourmetglow we are already in our final test stages of so many cocktails to quench those balmy days.


Lemongrass Honey:

100ml Honey

2 Stalks Lemongrass, bashed to reveal the central core

For One Drink:

50ml Courvoisier

15ml Triple Sec

20ml Lemongrass Honey

15ml Lemon Juice

Ice to serve


1. Begin with the honey. Add to a pan with the lemongrass and heat no hotter than 48C. Cover and infuse overnight, reheat to liquefy, and strain through a fine sieve. Allow to cool.

2. When ready, add all ingredients to a mixing glass with 3 ice cubes. Stir clockwise for 30 seconds to chill then strain over ice. Serve straight away.