Lightning Lemonade

Recently I decided to think up nostalgic drinks from across the years. I’m not talking about the sticky WKD/ Red Bull and Vodka days where you woke in a dazed stupor, hair covered in goodness knows what with a mouth that tasted as if a bear had curled up inside……. I’m talking about the drinks that made me HAPPY.

Not necessarily alcoholic, fun drinks for me are associated with holidays. Sunshine, culture and a mouth so dry that liquid as akin to nectar of the gods, that’s when drinks are at their finest.

So here is the first of my memory compendium, Lightning Lemonade. Just the name is fun. But more importantly its delicious to boot. So, make it and await my next memory maker instalment.


25ml vodka

25ml Melon Liqueur

10ml Lime Juice

Lemonade to top up

Ice to shake and serve


1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the vodka, melon liqueur and lime juice. shake well until cold.

2. Fill your glass with crushed ice and pour over. Top up with lemonade or sprite and serve on a beach with sand between your toes (or standing in a paddling pool/ sand pit)