Malted Maple & Cinnamon Panna Cotta with Espresso Honeycomb

Autumn, the ochre balayage of colour that transcends as mother nature removes her verdant cloak, stripping herself down in preparation for her stark winter skeleton.

It’s a time for spice, sugar, and starch, mingled with that dairy creaminess that gives you a glow from within.

For me that is steaming mugs of malted milk, perhaps with cinnamon or ginger, akin to a Mexican Horchata.

And from this, a dessert was born. Creamy, spiced and comforting, with an acidic yogurt tang to offset any threat of cloyness.

Espresso Honeycomb is a game changer, that sweet caffeine pop to keep you energised for the months ahead.


3 Leaves Gelatine (Platinum Grade)

300ml Double Cream

100ml Whole Milk

40g Caster Sugar

20g Maple syrup

1 tbsp Malt Powder (I use Horlicks)

1 tsp Cinnamon, ground

Small Pinch salt

200ml Thick Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Fresh Autumn Fruits to serve

Espresso Honeycomb Crunch:

250g Caster Sugar

4 tbsp Golden Syrup

60ml Strong Espresso

1 tbsp Bicarbonate Soda


1. For the Pannacotta, soak the gelatine in iced water, the water must be iced, or you will begin to lose some setting power.

2. Heat the cream, milk, sugar, maple, malt, and cinnamon in a small pan, whisking to combine. Once steaming, remove from the heat.

3. Squeeze the excess water from the gelatine and add the leaves, whisking to combine. Finally, whisk in the yogurt and salt until smooth and homogenous.

4. Grease 4 Medium Dariole Moulds or ramekins with a little oil and divide the mixture between them. Set on a tray and pop in the fridge overnight to set.

5. The next day make the honeycomb. Line a baking tray with paper and grease. Add the sugar, syrup and coffee to a small pan and heat over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved.

6. One dissolved turn up the heat and bubble until the mixture reads 145C on a sugar thermometer, hard crack.

7. Remove from the heat and whisk through the bicarbonate of soda, it will foam up so quickly pour onto your prepared tray and allow to set for 2 hours.

8. Once set, break into chunks and bash into smaller crumbs.

9. When ready to serve, dip the bases of the moulds in some hot water and use your finger to release the vacuum around the edge of the pannacotta. Invert onto a serving plate, sprinkle with the crumb and serve with fresh autumn fruits.