Manchego, Olive & Pink Peppercorn Rolls

Sometimes you just don’t have a filling for your bread, the cupboards are bare and all to be found in a sad smear of butter…. these rolls ARE the filling. Studded with Olives, Manchego & Pink Peppercorns, a blob of butter or a drizzle of olive oil are all they need to get you on your feet and down to the market for some veg….


Simply use my Onion Bhaji Bread Recipe, replacing the onions, spices, and nigella seeds with

100g Chopped Olives, 150g Chopped Manchego and 1 tbsp Pink Peppercorns. Shape into 9 rolls each weighing around 100g after the first prove, prove for a further 40 minutes (or until almost doubled) then bake at 220C for 18-20 minutes.