Miso Soup, Sesame Oil, Japanese Parsley

This is my restorative. My sanctuary when I know my body needs comfort and love. Simplicity itself but its nectar is balm for your very soul.

This year I experimented with growing my own Japanese Parsley and its a joy. Rich in Calcium and Vitamin C, it is a fresh, clean foil for the sweet milkiness of White Miso. Lying somewhere between Celery and Coriander it is such a versatile garnish. Why not try growing your own?


80g White Miso

700g Hot Water, boiled and cooled a little

1 Tbsp Sesame Oil, preferably toasted

Japanese Parsley, a few leaves


  1. Add a little water to the miso and mix to a thick slurry, slowly add in the remaining water whilst mixing until smooth.

  2. Divide between 4 serving cups along with the sesame oil and parsley leaves. Serve straight away.