Monkey Business: Clarified Banana Milkshake

We all know the joy that milkshake can bring, especially when spiked with some Aged Rum. But sometimes, pre-dinner, it’s all a bit much. Too much cream, density, and opaqueness to be refined and elegant.

So, lets through clarification into the mix. By coagulating milk solids and filtering them out, you are left with a crisp, clear cocktail, with all the smooth mouthfeel of milk. Flavoured with Banana & Cacao and finished with White Chocolate, it’s the Mary Berry of Cocktails, elegant and sophisticated on the out, but we all know its devilishly cheeky inside….

Inspired by @thealchemistuk


300ml Aged Rum, I used Spytail Cognac Rum

150ml White Crème de Cacao

150ml Crème de Banane

75ml Lemon Juice

250ml Whole Milk

1 tbsp Cacao Nibs

Ice, White Chocolate & Dehydrated Banana to Serve


1. Begin early as this will need time to filter and chill.

2. Add the Rum, Crème de Cacao, Creme de Banane and lemon juice to a pan and warm over a medium heat with the lid on, do not boil.

3. Add the milk and cacao nibs to a separate bowl and warm until steaming point.

4. In a large jug, add the contents of both pans and stir, you will see the proteins coagulate and separate.

5. Wait 4-5 minutes then line a funnel with a coffee filter over a large bottle.

6. Add 1 ladle of the liquid and watch the drips come through, they will appear a little cloudy so as the dripping slows, quickly remove the funnel, and pour them back through again.

7. Continue with all the liquid, a ladle at a time until it is all filtered and clear.

8. Pop the bottle in the fridge to chill then serve in 4 glasses, over ice with some dehydrated banana and white chocolate to nibble on the side.