Moscow Mule Moon Pies

Difficult Roads lead to beautiful destinations. Sometimes the hardest lives are rewarded with wonderful things. Hope & trust are all we must go on.


Ginger Lime Moon Pies:

100g Unsalted Butter, room temperature

50g Caster Sugar

80g Light Muscovado Sugar

1 Large Egg, room temperature

60ml Ginger Cordial

215g Plain Flour

1 tbsp Ground Ginger

¼ tsp Flaky Salt

1 tsp Bicarbonate Soda

Vodka Lime Buttercream:

125g Unsalted Butter, room temperature

250g Icing Sugar

1 tbsp Vodka (substitute milk if needed)

1 tbsp Lime Juice

1 Lime, zest

1/8 tsp Flaky Salt

Method :

1. Begin a few hours before you want the moon pies as the dough needs time to chill. Line two baking sheets with non-stick paper and set aside.

2. Add the butter and both sugars to the bowl of a stand mixer and beat 5-6 minutes or until pale and fluffy. Add the egg and beat for 1 minute more.

3. Add the ginger cordial and lime zest and mix for 30 seconds. In a separate bowl, whisk the flour, ginger, salt, and bicarbonate of soda until homogenous.

4. Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and mix until only just incorporated. Pop in the fridge for 1 hour to firm up.

5. Once firm, shape into 28 balls, each weighing about 20g each. Space pout between the two baking trays and pop back into the fridge to chill. Preheat oven 160C.

6. Once the oven is hot, bake for 10-12 minutes or until just cooked and soft in the centre. Cool on the trays for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

7. For the buttercream, beat the butter until soft and smooth then mash in the icing sugar with a fork, this prevents a cloud in your kitchen. Beat on medium high for 3-4 minutes or until light and fluffy. Add the lime juice, vodka and salt and mix through.

8. Using a spoon or a piping bag, add mounds of buttercream to half the cookies. Sandwich with the remaining cookies and serve, Moscow mule in hand…