My Nutty Godfather

Growing up, Christmas consisted of a single present from Santa, plus one of dad’s old socks filled with little trinkets. For me, it was this stocking that bought the most joy. A satsuma in the toe, plus a shiny coin, then felt tips, chocolates, and a teddy in the top.

Teddy tucked firmly under my arm, my siblings and I would whoop in delight as the hand felt something new inside. Then it was chocolate for breakfast.

Nothing compared to that rustle as you broke through the foil and paper (I am so sad that wrappers are plastic now) to reveal that smooth brown interior, studded with inklings of crinkles and mounds…

Yes, Fruit & Nut Chocolate has, and probably always will be my favourite. Although my tastes have changed from milk to dark, the sentiment remains the same.


100g Raisins

10g Buttered Popcorn

500ml Whisky

50ml Amaretto

Dash Cocoa Bitters

Ice & 1 Square Dark Chocolate to serve


1. Add the raisins and popcorn to the whisky in a bottle and set aside somewhere cool to infuse for 5 days.

2. Once infused, strain through a coffee filter twice and rebottle.

3. For one cocktail, add 50ml Infused Whisky to 50ml Amaretto with a dash of cocoa bitters. Stir with ice and serve with 1 square dark chocolate.

4. The flavour profile will change with the dilution.

5. This may be Santa’s new favourite tipple……