Nettle & lemon Cider Sgroppino

Nettles are so undervalued, especially in Spring when their plethora of vitamins & minerals act as the perfect antidote to winter lethargy.

Rich in Vitamins A & C along with calcium, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and potassium, they have particular potency on the kidneys, liver, and act as an anti- allergy tonic.

Nettle Tea is my go-to restorative when I am under the weather, and when I’m not, this cocktail is my favourite way to enjoy a Spring evening.

Always harvest the young shoots at the tip of the plant during spring, when they are most fresh and verdant.


Nettle & Honey Syrup

200ml Boiled Water

5 tbsp Honey

Large Handful Nettle Tips

For one Drink:

20ml Limoncello

20ml Nettle Syrup

1 Scoop Lemon Sorbet

Crisp Dry Cider to top up


1. Make the syrup the day before so it has time to chill. Pick through the nettle leaves to remove any bugs. Add all ingredients to a small pan and heat over a low heat to dissolve the honey.

2. Increase the heat and simmer for 3 minutes or until very lightly syrupy, this isn’t a classic syrup so it will be thinner.

3. Allow to cool to room temperature then strain into a sterile jar. Pop into the fridge to chill.

4. When ready, add the limoncello & measured nettle syrup to a mixing glass and stir to combine. Pour into a glass and add a scoop of lemon sorbet.

5. Top up with cider and drink as the sun falls behind the hills.