Peachy Sting

I love a Bee sting Cocktail, but for me, I am always looking for a little fruit. Maybe it’s the Biologist in me thinking that Bees always need some means of gaining Pollen? I diverge, but what goes better with Honey, than the honey sweet scent of a peach? This is too delicious for words. Just watch out, this one has a sting in its tail….


40ml Vanilla Vodka

20ml Crème de Pèches

20ml Tequila

10ml Runny Honey

30ml Lemon Juice

Bee Pollen & Honeycomb to serve


1. Run a little honey around the rim of a coup glass and edge with bee pollen. Set aside.

2. Add the remaining ingredients to a cocktail shaker with 2 cubes of ice. Shake for 30 seconds to chill and slightly dilute.

3. Strain through a Hawthorn Strainer into the glass and serve with a wedge of honeycomb.