Prickly Pear Mai Tai

The light amid Winter is the seasonality of Tropical Fruits. Here in the UK, while the land rests under a blanket of ice and snow, the Southern Hemisphere bathes in Nature’s Bounty.

Tropical Fruits bring a splash of sunshine into days otherwise filled with carbs and comfort. Prickly Pears are becoming easier to find at market stalls and provide the perfect tangy sweetness for a Winter Mai Tai.


50ml White Rum

20ml Cointreau

20ml Lime Juice

10ml Amaretto

50ml Prickly Pear Juice (see below)

10ml Dark Rum

Ice, Lime & Prickly Pear to garnish


1. Begin with the prickly pear juice. Take 8 Prickly pears and handle the skin as little as possible (it can still contain small spines) cut the fruit in half.

2. Scoop out the flesh and edible seeds and process in a blender. Strain through a sieve and set aside. If you like your juice thicker, omit the straining.

3. Measure 50 ml and add to a cocktail shaker with the remaining ingredients, apart from the dark rum.

4. Shake with a few ice cubes for 30 seconds to chill then pour into a glass with ice. Pour over the dark rum and garnish as wished.

5. Serve cold