Rose & Elderflower Blush

Don’t lament over what you think you do not have. Instead, rejoice in what you do have. This is a huge lesson I have learnt. For years I was guilty of thinking as a maximiser, believing that the next new thing would make me a better version of myself.

But that never happened, the next new thing led to desiring the next and the next and the next…… satisfaction had no longevity.

So, I learned to turn this on its head. To look at what I DID have and be satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, I still lust after new things, but I know that good things can wait and will happen at the right time.

An example is my photography. I still don’t own a DSLR. I was convinced that the quality of my photos was jeopardised by this, the minute I got one, everything would be okay. But life happens and I still haven’t saved enough. So, I looked at what I DO have. I enjoy styling and editing, so I focused on refining those skills. My shots aren’t perfect, but they have improved….no new camera involved.

So, work to your strengths and believe in yourself. Everyone has their own unique skill set. Recognise that and nurture it.

This drink has been designed to emulate that smooth serenity when you become satisfied with your lot.


50ml Whisky

30ml Lemon Juice

15ml Rose Syrup

15ml Elderflower Cordial

1 Egg White


1. Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with a few cubes of ice.

2. Shake well for 2-3 minutes to chill and froth the egg white

3. Strain into a coupe glass and serve