Rosemary Tincture: A Spring Reset, Mental Clarity & Relief from Anxiety and Grief

Rosemary has long been hailed ‘The Herb of Remembrance’ as it has a natural affinity for focus and memory. This tincture makes used of Rosemary gathered in the spring and dried to provide a solace from the stress of the current world.

Take 3 drops up to 3 times a day when required. This will keep indefinitely.


1 Cup (or small vessel) of dried Rosemary

1 tbsp Dried Lavender

2 tbsp Dried Mint

Enough high proof vodka to cover

Sterile jars, dropper bottles


1. Add the herbs to a clean, sterile jar and completely immerse in vodka. Seal the jar, using a clean muslin under the lid to prevent corrosion.

2. Store somewhere dark for 4-6 weeks

3. Strain through a muslin into a jug, discard the herbs

4. Pour the liquid into sterile dropper bottles and seal. Use as required.