Saffron Hot Chocolate

SPRING: The Mediator between Winter & Summer. A time when you embrace the first glimpses of sun, the buds beginning to wake from their slumber and reveal their pastel blossoms. Yet, the chill in the air makes you cling onto those winter comforts. Hands wrapped around steaming mugs of hot chocolate, only now you can enjoy them al fresco.


600ml Whole Milk

8-10 Saffron Strands

2 tsp Caster Sugar

100ml Double Cream

150g Dark Chocolate (70% Cacao) Chopped

Small Pinch Salt


1. Add the saffron and sugar to a small cup and crush with a spoon to combine. Try to break it down as much as possible. Add 1 tbsp of your measured milk and allow to infuse.

2. Add the remaining milk, cream and chocolate to a pan and gently heat, stirring, until the chocolate has melted, and everything is hot and smooth.

3. Add the infused milk, saffron and salt, stir and divide between 4 mugs.