Strawberry & Lime Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour, what can I say? My all-time favourite cocktail infused with fresh garden berries and zingy lime. There are no words to describe this, you need to make it….

Dry Shake method by the fantastic Rachel Korinek


Strawberry Pisco Liqueur

1 Litre Pisco

750g Best Strawberries, sliced

200g Caster Sugar

Pisco Sour (makes 2)

160ml Strawberry Pisco

45ml Lime Juice

60ml Egg Whites

Sliced Strawberries to garnish

Ice to shake


1. Begin 3 days before you want to make the drinks. Add the strawberries and sugar to the bottom of a large, sterile kilner jar and set aside overnight.

2. The next day, add the pisco, shake well and leave in a cool, dark space for 48 hours to infuse.

3. After this time, shake again and strain through a muslin into a clean, sterile bottle. This will keep in the fridge for 2 months.

4. When ready to make the sours. Add all the ingredients apart from the sliced strawberries and the ice to a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously for 2 minutes.

5. Add a handful of ice and shake again for two minutes.

6. Strain between 2 glasses, top with strawberry slices and serve. Ceviche is optional but recommended…