Strawberry & Lime Salsa

Are you in Camp Sweet + Savoury or vehement that they must always be kept separate? I’ll let you into a secret… I am a firm believer in the joys of pineapple on a pizza… so I guess that’s goodbye to so many of you that can no longer be friends with me.

But this will convert even the most dedicated of segregators. Spicy, Limey and just a little bit sweet, it’s a great way to use those strawberries that even a burst of sunshine cant spur into its flamboyant scarlet plumpness…


Handful of Strawberries

1 Lime, juiced

3 Spring Onions, finely sliced

20g Coriander, roughly chopped

1tbsp Olive Oil

2 tbsp Hot Sauce

Pinch Salt Flakes


1. Tumble everything together, taste and serve with a BBQ. Perfect.