Strawberry Top Vodka Martini

It is well known that I cannot tolerate waste. In an age where creativity thrives, there is really no excuse to waste surplus food. Most of us are privileged enough to own fridges and freezers to extend the longevity of our produce. But more than ever we are converting to age old techniques of preservation.

I am a conscientious devotee to the fermentation movement and not a day passes where I do not have some project on the go.

But aside from fermentation, I also rely on infusions to ramp up the flavour profiles of my food and drinks.

Two of the best mediums for flavour extraction are Vinegar and Alcohol.

During summer there is no better use for spent strawberry tops than to infuse vodka with that green scent of summer.

Try it and there is no turning back…


700ml Vodka

20-30 Strawberry Tops, clean

1 tbsp Dry Vermouth


Strawberries to Garnish


1. Three days before you wish to serve, add the strawberry tops to the vodka in a large, sterile kilner jar.

2. Seal and pop in a cool dark place.

3. On day 3, strain the vodka into a clean, sterile bottle.

4. In a cocktail shaker, add 3 cubes of ice, 60ml of the infused vodka and 1 tbsp Dry Vermouth.

5. Stir to chill then strain into a martini glass.

6. Garnish with a strawberry and serve.