Vanilla Ice

This is one for those days where you wake up, for no reason dress smart, full makeup, polished nails, and expensive perfume. For days when you feel sophisticated and perhaps a little extra.

You’ll find me sipping these in a froo froo dress, with a kitten on a lead surrounded by feathers and meringues….


4 Orchids

20ml Vanilla Vodka

20ml Crème de Cacao Blanc

10ml White Vermouth

Dash orange bitters


1. Freeze the orchids in an ice cube mould with just boiled water from the kettle.

2. Chill a coup glass in the freezer for a few minutes

3. Add the vodka, crème de cacao, vermouth and bitters to a shaker and stir with a few ice cubes for 30 seconds until chilled.

4. Strain through a hawthorn strainer into your chilled glass, add an orchid ice cube and serve with a side of boujie….