Vegan Chocolate Mountain Spread

Inspired by a certain chocolate bar, replete with honey, nougat, and almonds, shaped into chunky peaks…. This vegan spread will become your new go to. Spread on toast, sandwich in cakes, on top of ice cream or, on a spoon from the jar illuminated by in incandescent glow of the refrigerator bulb… all are just divine.


100g Almonds

150g Dark Chocolate

140g Almond Milk

1 ½ tbsp Coconut Syrup (or use maple)

40g Coconut Milk Powder

¼ tsp Sea Salt Flakes

280g Coconut Cream (not creamed coconut)


1. Preheat oven 160C. Roast the almonds for 12-15 minutes or until smelling nutty and fragrant. Whilst still hot, pop them into a blender.

2. Melt the chocolate in bursts in the microwave and add to the hot nuts. Blend slowly, then increase the speed until you have a textured paste.

3. Add the almond milk, syrup, powder, and salt flakes to a pan and bring to a simmer. Add to the chocolate mixture and blend until smooth.

4. Finally blend in the coconut cream.

5. Pour into jars and allow to set at room temperetaure then store in the fridge. For use in cakes warm slightly first. Spoon from the jar at any temperature you like…