I know… banana! But it works so well. All too many Jackfruit recipes lack the flavour dimensions required to elevate what is otherwise a bit of a tasteless ingredient. Think of this as a Keralan take on Pizza… even the kids will love it! Give it a go and see for yourselves!


1tbsp Coconut Oil

1 Onion, finely sliced

1 Courgette or any green vegetable, finely sliced

1 Sprig Curry Leaves

2 Cloves Garlic, crushed

1 Thumb Ginger, crushed

1 Green Chilli, finely chopped

Large Pinch salt

¼ tsp Amchur (optional)

1 tsp Toasted Garam Masala

1 tsp Ground Turmeric

1 tsp Nigella Seeds (plus more for the pastry)

1 Lime, zest & Juice

200g Block Creamed Coconut mixed with 100ml Boiling Water

1 Tin Jackfruit, drained

1 Tin Chickpeas, drained

1 Banana, finely sliced

1 Roll Ready Rolled Vegan Puff Pastry


Preheat Oven 180C Heat the coconut oil and fry the curry leaves and spices over a medium heat until fragrant. Add the onion and coat in the oil and spices. Cook for 5 minutes with the salt until soft and add the ginger, chilli and garlic. Add in the courgette and lime zest and cook for a further 5 minutes until soft. Add the coconut, chickpeas and jackfruit along with the lime juice and banana and taste. It may need more salt or lime. Set aside to cool. Unroll the pastry and mark a 2cm border around the edge, scoring with a knife but not all the way through. Brush this with a little plant milk and sprinkle with nigella seeds. Spread the cooled curry within the border, right to the edges and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until the pastry is golden and cooked through. Serve immediately sprinkled with a little coriander in liked.

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