Watermelon, Green Nam Jim & Smoked Coconut

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Fruit & spice, such an adored combination. From the Fruit Chaat of India to the Pineapple Curries of The West Indies there is just something about the sweet acidic tan of fresh fruit when cast along the numbing heat of chilli.

Another dish for those days so hot that you just want a fork to pick at different plates across the space of a few hours. Little mouthfuls of bliss to be savoured before the next.

Ingredients: Salad:

½ Watermelon, chopped as you wish

1 Cucumber, ribbons, avoiding wet core

Fresh Coriander & Mint to serve

Green Nam Jim Dressing:

3 Green Chillies, roughly chopped

1 Clove garlic, peeled and roughly chopped

10g Coriander Stalks

1 tsp Fish Sauce (use Soy & Lime Juice if Vegan)

1 tsp Shrimp Paste (use Soy & Lime Juice if Vegan)

1 tsp Palm Sugar

3-4 Limes, juiced

Smoked Coconut:

150g Coconut Flakes

2tbsp Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Maple Syrup

1 tsp Hot Smoked Paprika

¼ tsp Salt

1 tbsp Rapeseed Oil

Good Crack of Black Pepper


1. Begin with the coconut. Preheat oven 160C. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and tumble on to a baking tray lined with non stick paper. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until coated and glazed. Remove and allow to cool. It will go crisp as it cools. Break into shards and set aside.

2. Meanwhile add all the ingredients, aside from the lime juice, for the Nam Jim into a large pestle and mortar. Pound to a paste then add enough lime juice to make a dressing. Taste, it should be salty, funky, spicy and very sour.

3. Add the cucumber and melon to a serving platter, drizzle with some of the dressing and sprinkle with the herbs and coconut flakes. Pick away for hours on end…..