Watermelon, Strawberry & Jalapeño Rum Punch

Happiness doesn’t last. Before you stop reading, this isn’t a negative statement, more a statement of fact.

Remember the last time you felt happy…do you still feel that same elation? Most likely not. The ebb and flow of time is unstoppable, and with it, it sweeps emotions in its current, eroding their strength day by day.

The converse is also true, the severity of sadness and grief also dampens as time dilutes it in its ever flowing river.

So, my point? If happiness is so transient, enjoy it! No matter how small the small or how big that bubble of joy in your stomach, revel in it, grab it with both hands and indulge in the moment, it is all over too fast, another will come in its place but for now, it’s you and that warm glow.

So, in those times I make this. It’s something that brings me joy, the small simple joy that, for that one moment, is all you need.


½ Small Watermelon, roughly chopped

350g Frozen Strawberries, defrosted

1 Green Jalapeno, sliced

200ml White Rum

1 tbsp Lemon Juice

3 tbsp Agave/ Maple Syrup


Salt flakes for salt rim (optional)

Jalapeno, Watermelon & Lime Slice to serve


1. Add all the cocktail ingredients aside from the ice to a blender and blend until smooth.

2. If making the salt rim, lightly crush the salt flakes with a pestle 7 mortar to reduce their size, pour onto a plate. Rub a lime wedge around the rim of the glass and stamp into the salt, don’t twist as this is more likely to rub the salt off.

3. Fill 4-6 glasses with ice and pour over the cocktail. Stand for 5 minutes to chill then serve with the garnishes.