Winter Vegan Burger, with Ginger, Chilli Clementine Glaze

I get so many requests for Vegan Burger recipes that every season I create something that sings of its time. Summer is light, crisp, and fresh, whilst Autumn is earthy and sweet with Pumpkin & sweet Potato. So, it is only fitting that Winter is kissed with Clementine & Spice.

The thing that irks me with Vegan Burgers is all too often they are crammed with ‘Ingredients’ that your grandmother wouldn’t even recognise as foodstuffs. Chemically contrived proteins and preservatives will not make food any healthier than its meat counterparts, quite the opposite.

So, my mission is to create something nutritionally balanced and so delicious to eat to that point where you wish you had eaten a few mouthfuls less…. we have all been there.


450g Block Firm Tofu

4 tbsp Cornflour

½ tsp Salt

Sunflower Oil for shallow frying

4 Clementine, 1 Zest, 2 Juiced, 2 Sliced

50ml Light Soy Sauce

100ml Ginger Beer

100g Marmalade

1-2tbsp Chilli Paste, depending on your preference

1 Clove Garlic, minced

2 Red Onions, finely sliced

2 Limes, juice

2 tbsp Whisky

Pinch Salt

4 tbsp Vegan Mayo

2 Cooked Beetroot, cut into 1.5cm thick wedges

2 Carrots, finely shredded

Radicchio/ Chicory Leaves to serve

4 Vegan Brioche Buns


1. Begin with the pickled onions. Mix the Lime juice, whisky, and salt in a bowl, add the onions and set aside to macerate.

2. Cut the tofu horizontally into 4 thick slices and lay on a paper towel on a plate. Cover with another paper towel and plate and place a heavy weight on the top. Press for 1 hour.

3. Mix the Ginger Beer, Marmalade, Soy, Chilli Paste, Clementine Juice and Garlic in a pan and whisk to combine. Heat to boiling and bubble for 2-4 minutes or until you have a sticky glaze. Set aside to keep warm.

4. Preheat the grill and brush the clementine and beet slices with a little of the glaze. Grill on both sides until just starting to char. Set aside

5. Mix the cornflour with the salt and clementine zest and dredge each tofu slice until covered. Allow to stand for 10 minutes to form a sticky coating. Add the oil to a shallow pan to the depth of 1 cm and fry the tofu for 2-3 minutes each side or until crispy and hot.

6. Reheat the pan with the glaze and add the the tofu, 2 slices at a time and bubble until they are sticky and delicious.

7. Spread some vegan mayo on half of the buns and top with some shredded carrot and drained pickled onions. Lay a slice of sticky crispy tofu on top, followed by a slice of beet and clementine. Add some leaves and some more pickled onion and carrot before topping with more mayo & the remaining bun half. Serving piping hot.