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Welcome to My Story. A story about Eating, Cooking and Growing.

I say ‘growing’ as my aim far outreaches growing and foraging your own produce. My aim is to awaken you to the metamorphosis of ingredients into the real live magic of flavourful dishes.


Through my rambles and recipes, I want to veer you away from lugubrious, mealy & bland food towards using the freshest food in a way that makes the most beautiful cohesive dishes. Food isn’t about a cacophony of flavours, more subtle nuances that heighten the senses, be it the fire of chilli that livens the palate to the subtle waft of cardamom that sings its sweet song like a gentle kiss from a loved one.


I want to urge you to harness your senses, use your taste and smell to transport you to places far and wide, be it the petrichor after the rain that takes you back to that damp autumn walk, or the melting of rich dark chocolate on your tongue that conjures images of the psychedelic technicolour of parrot wings, fluttering against the verdant backdrop of the rainforest. Our senses have the power to transport us, either back in time to days gone by, or to the furthest corners of the globe.

I am to provide you with the groundwork to really, wholeheartedly enjoy and appreciate your food. Through recipes, hints, tips and general passion and love for food I hope to inspire you to try your hand at new things, be bold, be fearless and have fun!


So, I hope you will follow me on my journey, cooking, sharing, feeding and loving. In the words of the late Walt Disney


‘If you can dream it, you can do it’


Suze x

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People I have worked with

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People I have worked with:





Firetree Chocolate


Nordic ware

The Watercress Company

The Wasabi Company

Spytail Rum

Shankey's Whip

Eat Boundless

Billingtons Sugar and many more

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